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Between your next paycheck and your last paycheck, your will earn a fortune. Will a part of that fortune be yours to keep?.




Services for Accountants and Attorneys 

Add Value to your services

while producing an

additional income stream.

  • Would you like to show your divorce clients how to Guarantee the funding of Child Support Payments?
  • Offer Funding for buy-sell and cross stock purchase agreements.
  • Offer Funding for Partnership Buyouts.

  • Ofer SBA Loans

  • Offer Commercial              Mortgage Loans

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Out of 100 Men

reaching age 65

  • 63 will be dependent of Social Security, friends or relatives
  • 29 will be dead
  • ​4 will be financially independent
  • ​3 will still be working
  • 1 will be rich

*​92 of 100 will be dead

or dead broke!

*Statistical source: Social Security survey of the aged and statistical abstract of the U.S. department of commerce.

Start building your Financial Security today

​with a plan that:

  • Has safety of principal
  • Is Systematic
  • ​Has Tax favorability
  • Has family Insurance benefits

​Pay yourself first and put yourself at the

head of the pay line!

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Services and Benefit Plans

Doesn't your winning team

deserves great benefits.

 Unfortunately in today's competitive     environment, it is not always       possible to provide all the things. Why not take a look at employee funded plans. Our professionals can show you how to offer a great  

Tax Advantaged Wealth Accumulation Plan

for your employees that can be:

  1. 100% or partially funded by employees.
  2. Our plans are portable
  3. Systematic
  4. Offer safety of principal
  5. Generates Stock Market type earnings without the downside risks. 
  6. Has Family Insurance benefits

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